Dutch C-test

Do you need a certificate to demonstrate that you speak Dutch sufficiently to successfully follow a degree programme? And are you a native Dutch speaker? Then you may take the C-test at the Language Centre. If you pass, you will be issued with a certificate stating that your Dutch is sufficient to successfully follow a degree programme in the coming academic year at a Dutch university or university of applied sciences.

This test is intended for prospective students who, for instance, fully or partially grew up abroad in a Dutch family or who have a secondary school diploma admitting them to university but who did not take Dutch as an exam subject. You may only take this test once. The test assesses whether you are proficient in Dutch as a native speaker. It is therefore a one-off, abridged route for native speakers.

C-test stands for Cloze test and tests your language proficiency level. The C-test is not directly related to the CEFR levels C1 and C2. This test is conducted only on location (in Groningen).

Find all information about the organisation of the test, preparation tips and the test results on our website.

Dutch C-test

EUR 50.00

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