English for HR professionals - in person

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Audience: HR professionals, English verbal and writing skills level B2/C1
Duration: 10 weeks
Study load: Contact hours: 10 x 2 hours, 10 hours of self-study.
Online support: All participants will receive online support through a special learning environment.
Target group: Professionals from business organisations, University of Groningen and Hanze University of Applied Sciences.

This course is geared towards HR professionals who need to use advanced English when interacting with international employees. The focus is on highly practical issues such as:

  • Conducting HR cycle based conversations: such as terms of employment interviews, career consultations
  • Expanding HR related vocabulary
  • Negotiating and debating
  • Presenting a project or plan
  • Language related intercultural competencies
  • Formal and informal (email) writing

This course will be taught in person in the city centre of Groningen.

Level indication
We aim to design our courses to match the needs of the participants. To be able to register for one of our courses, you should have your language level determined by one of our English teachers during our English Office hours. You can make an appointment online.

Group Size  

Minimum 8 and maximum 10 participants  


After successful completion of the course, a certificate of participation will be awarded.  A minimum of 75% attendance is required.  If required, an official certificate stating the participant’s CEFR level for oral language production can be provided at an additional fee.

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