Business German

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Would you like to be able to speak to your German-speaking contacts at work with more self-confidence?
Would you like to be able to convey your message better in German?
Do you want to better understand which unwritten rules play a role in business affairs?

Then sign up for our Business German training course!

In this course, the emphasis lies on speaking and understanding. Over 10 weekly meetings, you’ll extensively broaden your vocabulary, speak solely in German, and practise business conversations. You will also learn more about German business culture and how to navigate it.

You will be taught by our experienced and enthusiastic teacher, who will provide every participant with regular personal feedback. You will practise what you have learnt together with other participants in groups of two or three, which will give you plenty of chances to speak. You will use examples and situations from your own workplace, so that you can immediately apply what you have learnt.  There will be regular opportunities to share your experiences with the other participants.

The emphasis in this course will lie on expanding your vocabulary and improving your sentence structure. Grammar will be taught in practical, applicable sections.

During the course, you will improve your speaking and writing skills in the following situations:

  • Greetings and saying goodbye
  • Introducing yourself and your business or organization
  • Phone calls, emails, and online contact
  • Questions and answers
  • Making an appointment
  • Attending and receiving a visit
  • Attending a meeting
  • Holding a presentation

At the end of the course, you will speak better German. You will be better able to express yourself and your self-confidence will have grown. This will make establishing and maintaining contacts easier.

Your level
The level of this course is A2/B1 and it is suitable for anyone with a reasonable, basic knowledge of German. This means people who took German for a few years at secondary school, for example, or who passed their secondary school exams in German but have not used the language since then.

You can identify with the following:

  • You can follow conversations about familiar subjects.
  • People usually understand you if you speak German.
  • You cannot always find the words to say what you mean.
  • You often use the same words and sentences.
  • You are not sure whether your German is correct.

Unsure about your level? You can easily assess your language level online by completing the placement test! Or make an appointment for the German office hour to receive personal advice from the teacher.

Study load
Ten lessons of two hours each, and approximately two hours of independent study per lesson.

Course material
The following course material will be used. The course material is included in the course and will be handed out during the first lesson.

  • Kommunizieren im Beruf
    Author: Hans Heinrich Rohrer
    ISBN: 9783468905162
  • Kortom - Duitse grammatica
    Author: H.A.A. Mangnus
    ISBN 9789066750678

You will also be using online course material in Brightspace, the online learning environment of the University of Groningen.

Maximum group size
10 participants

Attendance certificate
At the end of a course, every participant will receive an attendance certificate on condition that they have attended 75% of the lessons.

Business German

EUR 590.00

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