NT2-II State Examination: Self-Study preparation Speaking

This preparation is meant for participants who have finished the course B1 > B2, and people with an equivalent level.


You will receive a syllabus containing instructions and exercises to prepare you for the speaking exam, as well as Cito model exams and an assessment scheme. You can record your responses via the electronic learning environment. As with the written assignments, a teacher can correct 3 of your exercises: one short, one medium-length and one long monologue. The teacher can also assess the mock exam according to the official assessment norms.


Please contact the teacher, Birgit Lijmbach, to register for this self-study module.

You cannot use your DUO loan for this self-study package as DUO only reimburses courses.

Registration for the NT2-II State Examination

  • More information about this examination can be found on the website of the organizing body, the DUO - IB-groep. At DUO you can also register for the State Examination.
  • General information about the State Examination as well as model exams can be found on the site of the Board of Examinations. This site also contains a number of model exams.

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