Language Centre English Test

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UG students who need a statement of their English language proficiency for a grant, scholarship application, degree, research or work experience abroad can be tested at the University of Groningen Language Centre.

Before you register for the test, please check if our test will be accepted as proof of your current level of English by the university or organization concerned.

Test Dates
You can find test dates, if available, below. You can register online until 7 days before the test.

We ask you to be available all day. At least one week before the test takes place you will receive an email with the exact times.

Test Format

  1. Speaking skills: a test during which you will complete individual and paired speaking tasks (20 minutes)
  2. Writing skills: writing an academic essay (60 minutes)
  3. Reading skills: you will read 3 texts and answer 25 multiple choice questions (45 minutes):
  4. Listening skills: you will listen to 2 audio extracts and answer 20 multiple choice questions (30-45 minutes)

It is not allowed to use a dictionary or any other sources during the test.

Our test results are reported in Common European Framework (CEFR) terms. The descriptions range from C2 (Expert language user) to B1 (Modest language user). A description of the 4 levels is included on the certificate, together with an approximate indication of a comparable IELTS or TOEFL English language test score. Therefore, this is not a pass/fail test. The university or organization concerned will decide what level they require for their course or programme.

Within 10 working days of taking the test, you will receive your certificate (hard-copy). You may take the test again after 3 months if necessary.

The Language Centre now also offers the opportunity for you to receive feedback on your Language Centre English Test, which is fairly unique as far as these tests are concerned. If you request the feedback, you will then, along with the certificates, receive a written report summarizing your results and providing an explanation of the assessment using concrete examples. Read all information on requesting feedback here.

This English test is only meant for UG students and prospective UG students.

Language Centre English Test

EUR 165.00

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