Online Exam Training Plus: State Exam NT2-II

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During this online exam training, we will prepare you for the reading, listening, speaking, and writing exams. You will also receive help to expand your vocabulary. This course is intended for participants who have reached level B2 in Dutch and want to practise extensively for the State Exam NT2, Programme II.

Each week, you will receive exercises to be carried out independently, at a time that is convenient for you. There will also be assignments that you can work on together with other course participants. Additionally, in weeks 2 and 5, there will be interactive group sessions with a teacher and some of your fellow participants. These sessions will be scheduled in such a way that everyone can participate. We will use Skype to communicate with each other during these sessions. Therefore, you will need your own Skype account.

In week 6, you will take a full exam for each skill, after which you will receive feedback. This will be the exam from 2017, so be sure not to take this exam in advance. This way, you will be well-prepared for the real exams.

In this plus version of the course, you also have a weekly online meeting of 1 hour with your teacher and fellow students. During this meeting, there is room for questions, the programme for the coming week is explained and you practice with small parts of the exam.

Duration: 6 weeks
Participant workload: 8 hours per week if you are participating in all four skills
Intended for: Course participants who have completed the Dutch course at CEFR level B2 at the Language Centre or have reached this level in another way and want to practise extensively for the State Exam NT2, Programme II. This course is not aimed at increasing general language skills; for this we recommend following our other language courses first.

Independent study
Most of this training course will be carried out independently, at a time and location of your choosing, but you will receive assistance when necessary. In order to practise all of the skills, you need to dedicate approximately 8 hours per week. You are free to assign more time to certain skills, if you notice that you need more practice in one skill over the other.

During the reading and writing exams, you will be allowed to use a dictionary but this must only be the Van Dale Pocketwoordenboek Nederlands als tweede taal. During the training course, it will be explained how to use this dictionary.

Electronic learning environment
The course will be held on Brightspace, the electronic learning environment of the University of Groningen. The course environment provides a clear overview of what is expected of you during the course.

Intake procedure
For this training course, you need the right advice from your current teacher. If you want to register for a course at this level and you have not previously followed a course at the Language Centre, you must first make an appointment for the Dutch office hour.

Paying with a DUO Loan
You can pay for this course with your DUO loan.

Online Exam Training Plus: State Exam NT2-II

EUR 685.00

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