Italian conversation course A2/B1 - in person

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Would you like to speak more Italian before you move up to the next level, or is your fluency not yet adequate enough? Whether you would like to have an easier conversation with your in-laws, or better master the language for study or work, a conversation course in Italian offers the solution!  

During the course, we work together to improve your speaking skills. During the six lessons you will work practically with the language through various exercises such as role plays, language games, theme cards and question-and-answer exercises. We will work with various conversation topics such as planning a holiday, booking a hotel, describing a country or society, and exchanging and discussing ideas. In this way, you expand your vocabulary and repeat, practise and improve grammar knowledge that you have already studied.  

This course offers you the ideal opportunity to learn to speak Italian better together with a native speaker and your fellow course members in an accessible way!

Your level
You can join the course at a good basic level of Italian A2 or at a semi-advanced level of Italian A2/B1. You are be able to conduct simple dialogues and exchange direct information on familiar topics and activities. Even if your level is slightly higher than the basic level, this course is suitable for you. You already understand Italian and can cope with everyday situations, but you would like to be able to communicate spontaneously with native speakers.

If you are unsure about your level, test yourself online using the placement test! You can also make an appointment for the online office hour to get personal advice. Office hours only take place in the period before the start of the course. If office hours are scheduled, you can make your appointment  here.

Study load
Six lessons of 90 minutes each, and approximately 18 hours of independent study.

Course material
For this course we use new material that will be provided by the teacher. The conversation course partly refers back to the course material of Italian A1 > A2 and Italian A2 > A2/B1.

You will also be using online course material in Brightspace, the online learning environment of the University of Groningen.

Group size
Minimum number of participants: 8
Maximum number of participants: 12

Attendance certificate
At the end of a course, every participant will receive an attendance certificate on condition that they have attended 75% of the lessons.

Italian conversation course A2/B1 - in person

EUR 220.00

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