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This language course will help you to improve your academic writing skills in English, particularly in relation to academic publications. The course deals with publishing in its broadest sense, aiming to make you aware of the main language issues that arise when writing an academic paper in English. By the end of this course, you should be more flexible in writing English, with the ability to make considered choices of word and form, while avoiding common errors.

This course is intended for PhD students who write articles in English or are writing a thesis and who have good writing skills in English (CEFR C1).

Course Content
During this course, you will produce a number of texts or works-in-progress, and your instructor will provide you with detailed feedback on this work. We will use examples from these texts for discussion purposes in the group, using your work as the basis for in-depth discussion of aspects of language and style. In addition, you will be asked to photocopy a number of published texts in your own field written by English or American authors, which will be used to gain an idea of the style in common use in your field.

Studyload: 24 contact hours and 24 hours of independent study

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Check your writing level
As a minimum, you should be able to write well-structured study-related texts, although you may still make mistakes that do not affect communication (CEFR level C1). As proof of your level, we  would like you to write a text of approximately 600 words in which you explain the topic of your research. The text should be written for a general audience.

Upload your text of approximately 600 words here.

Course Material
The teacher will hand out the course material during the first lesson. This material is included in the course fee.

Publishing in English - online

EUR 1195.00

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