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The Online Dutch 0 > A1 course is a fully online course in basic Dutch which takes participants from CEFR level 0 to A1: you speak no Dutch or only very little (for example, participants who followed the Introduction to Dutch course on FutureLearn). The course is aimed at everyone who wants to learn to speak, write, read and understand Dutch.

This course is not reimbursed by DUO. This course is not paid for by the University of Groningen. There are special Dutch group courses for University of Groningen Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD students.

The online Dutch course is based on Nederlands in gang, a beginner’s textbook for Dutch as a second language. It is linked to an extensive website for highly educated non-native speakers. In this Online Dutch course, you will work through the first 8 chapters of Nederlands in gang.

Course material

In this course, the first half of the book Nederlands in gang is covered. 

  • Nederlands in gang
    B. de Boer, M. van der Kamp, B. Lijmbach (Coutinho, 2017, 3rd edition)
    ISBN: 9789046905609

The book is not included in the course fee. You can order Nederlands in Gang as a hard copy or e-book from Coutinho, the publisher.

Information for English speaking users of the Coutinho website.

General information
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Online Dutch 0 > A1

EUR 275.00

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