Online Dutch A2 > A2/B1

This Online Dutch course is a fully online course in basic Dutch which takes participants from CEFR level A2 to A2/B1: you speak a little bit of Dutch and have a limited vocabulary and knowledge of grammar. The course is aimed at everyone who wants to learn to speak, write, read and understand Dutch.

This course is not reimbursed by DUO. This course is not paid for by the University of Groningen. There are special Dutch group courses for University of Groningen Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD students.

The online Dutch course is based on Nederlands in actie, a complete textbook for Dutch as a second language. It is linked to an extensive website for highly educated non-native speakers. In this Online Dutch course, you will work through chapters 1 to 4 of Nederlands in actie.

Course material

  • Nederlands in actie
    B. de Boer, M. van der Kamp, B. Lijmbach(Coutinho, 2012, 3rd edition)
    ISBN: 9789046902981
    Price: € 42.95

The book is not included in the course fee. You can order Nederlands in Gang as a hard copy or e-book from Coutinho, the publisher.

Information for English speaking users of the Coutinho website.

General information
Find general information on our Online Dutch courses here, like duration, study load and the online learning environment.

Determine your level
Considering that it is important that you register for the right course, we recommend that you easily determine your Dutch language level yourself. You can do this by taking one of the three following tests. In this way, you will know for sure that you are starting your Online Dutch course at the right level!

  • Placement Test
    Determine the starting level of a language training online and in your own time with the placement test!

    The DIALANG test is a language test developed by multiple European universities. The test does not replace advice given after the office hour, however; it is merely for your own reference. The test indication is described in terms of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). This is a reference framework developed by the Council of Europe that provides a basis for comparing language proficiency levels and interpreting test scores.

  • Self-evaluate your language skills tool
    The 'Self-evaluate your language skills' tool helps you to assess your level of proficiency according to six reference levels described in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).
Online Dutch A2 > A2/B1

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