Japanese CEFR 0 > A1

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The Japanese language courses of the University of Groningen Language Centre will introduce students to the Japanese language or build on knowledge and skills already present. The emphasis will be on communication in everyday situations in relation to Japanese culture. In addition, attention will be paid to grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

Level 0>A1 is for participants who do not speak Japanese at all, as well as those who want to refresh their basic knowledge of the language. In this course, Japanese kana characters (hiragana and katakana, about 100 characters) will be introduced.

Independent study materials
Good independent study materials for learning kana are available online / for smartphones, such as:

  • Kana Mind (for Android)
  • Nihongo no kana (for iOS)
  • or search on Quizlet.com or Memrise.com for ‘hiragana’ or ‘katakana’.

Several Quizlet sets are available to help you learn vocabulary from the textbook.

Language of Instruction
The target language is the language of instruction as much as possible. When necessary, the Japanese course is taught in Dutch or English (depending on the group composition). The course material is in English.

Intensive summer course
This summer, we will be offering an intensive Japanese summer course for level 0>A1 which starts 28 June. An intensive language course lasts two weeks, during which you have lessons four days a week. Each lesson lasts two hours and fifteen minutes. You will also spend about 15 hours a week on independent study. View the schedule and register via the links below.

Course Material
The course material is not included in the course fee and is not available at the Language Centre.

  • Marugoto - Starter (A1) Katsudoo
    ISBN (the Netherlands): 978-3-8754-8707-7
    ISBN (Japan): 978-4-3840-5752-2

What will you learn?
0>A1: Marugoto A1 Katsudoo contents

Attendance certificate
At the end of a course, every participant will receive an attendance certificate on condition that they have attended 75% of the lessons.

Using a Rosetta Stone account besides a language course
It is possible to use a Rosetta Stone account for online independent study besides one of our language courses, with the advantage that the account can be used after the course to keep working on your language skills. Please note that a Rosetta Stone account is not compulsory for our language courses and will not be used by the teacher.